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With its 6-in-1 Buyer Protection, Shoppers Protection offers its users unrivaled privacy, security, and online assistance. In an increasingly digital world, Internet users are exposed to more risks than ever before. Protect your bank account and your identity with the #1-rated online protection system of 2014.

With our 30-day Package Recovery, we'll take care of damaged, missing, or misrepresented packages

A lot of things can go wrong during the shipping process. From the time you put your order in, your package could change hands up to 12 times before it gets to your door. It travels, untethered in the back of a speeding postal truck among nearly 100 other, heavier, products.

When you think about it, it's a miracle more products don't end up destroyed by the time it reaches you.

But the truth is, these things happen - whether accidently due to negligence, or purposefully due to theft & fraud.

If you haven't had to deal with this frustration yet, the chances are you will in the future: Over 5% of every package delivered is either late or not delivered at all. And another 7% are damaged upon arrival.

And because these statistics go up year after year, the more you buy online, the more likely you'll experience one of these problems.

Protect yourself today with Shoppers Protection & our complimentary Package Insurance.

Now you can buy with ease knowing you'll be getting the cheapest price possible even AFTER you buy.

Let's say you were looking to buy a new computer. You've researched for months and you're finally ready to pull the trigger on a $1,100 machine that satisfies all your computing needs. You click check out and a rush of excitement washes over you. You get a brand new computer in the mail 7 days later.

Then, you're surfing the web later that week and you see the same website is offering the SAME computer for $300 cheaper. That's $300 you could spend on a hotel, or a ping-pong table, or a round-trip ticket across the country.

Putting items on sale is a part of business, leaving the consumer unprotected in the event they were unlucky enough to buy right before a sale takes place.

With Shoppers Protection's Price Match Guarantee, all you have to do is notify us of the price change, whether it's $10 or $10,000, and we'll have you covered.

No hassle, no frustration, no anxiety, no problems. Now you can buy with ease knowing you'll be getting the cheapest price possible even AFTER you buy.

Unfortunately, scams are everywhere on the internet. Whether it's fly-by-night companies promising certain products and then disappearing, or companies misrepresenting what they're selling you.

If you think this could never happen to you, that you might be smarter than the con men, think about this:

The Federal Trade Commission released a statistical survey of Internet fraud victims in the United States:

  • 5.1 million Weight-Loss Product Claims
  • 2.4 million Prize Promotions
  • 3.8 million unauthorized billings
  • 1.8 million Work-from-Home Scams
  • 1.7 million Credit Repair
  • 1.5 million Debt Relief
  • 800 thousand Mortgage Relief Scams

An estimate of 26 million Americans were scammed online last year. These people ranged from average high-school students to adults over the age of 85.

Cyber Crimes don't discriminate on age, ethnicity, wealth, status, location, or anything else.

Protect yourself with Shoppers Protection and start buying with confidence again. Any Terms of Service violation you might encounter, and we've got your back. No Questions Asked.

Free Return Shipping It's silly to pay to return packages to the merchant. We've got your back, if the merchant charges you to return a package, we'll pick up the tab.

Picture this. You buy a beautiful piece of furniture, say a new dining table. The arrival date comes, you're excited to open the package and get it set up. You bring the package inside set it down and start opening it.

After it's open, you notice it's dented. Your brand new dining table, ruined by a dent. So you do what you are supposed to do. You call the merchant you bought the table from. You explain the issue, and the merchant says “OK, send it back”.

But wait, to send it back, you have to pay for the return shipping or a “restocking fee”! This is absurd, and we don't want that to happen to you.

With Shoppers Protection's Return Shipping policy, we will cover the costs of the return, so you can focus on where your dining table will go rather than paying extra for a mistake that wasn't yours.

Free Shipping

Never pay for shipping again. Any package shipping Ground is completely covered by us so you don't have to wait to get your goods.

You have all your items in your shopping cart ready to checkout. You've done your homework and this is the lowest price you found online.

Right before you click the button to submit your order, you look down at the final price. An extra charge for shipping so high that it negates all your hard work to find the lowest price!

Sound familiar? That's because this common practice is used to compensate for that low price you were so excited to find.

With Shoppers Protection, we'll pay for any ground shipping charges you incur, allowing you to never worry again if that 'low price' is too good to be true.

Hang in there, it'll be there soon!

Online purchases leave you susceptible to the most ingenious hacking schemes of our times. To make sure this NEVER happens to you, sign up for Shoppers Protection today.

Stop putting your identity and credit at risk. From dumpster diving, to high-tech hacking breaches, you are continuously at risk of having your identity or credit information stolen, potentially leaving you in debt and being harrassed by debt collectors for years to come.

Shredding billing information, carrying your credit cards separately from your wallet, and saving receipts instead of your statements is considered good practice, but can only protect you for offline purchases.

With an expanding digital marketplace, buying online has become a common practice due to convenience and competitive prices made available. The unfortunate side effect of this digital growth is that consumers are unprepared for theives waiting to steal your digital identity.

Make sure this NEVER happens to you, sign up for Shoppers Protection today, and rest easy knowing your financial future is being guarded by one of the most trusted names in the industry.

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